Friday, 13 November 2009

Learning? All the time

Having signed up to another OCA course - Drawing 1, I decided to separate the blogs out a bit more. I am fairly far through with the Printmaking 1 course at the moment, and had decided to keep my main learning log in actual book form with the occasional posting of printmaking related post in my main blog at paint and pastel. I did, in the end, post relatively little on process relating to the course.

For an overview of all printmaking posts on Paint and Pastel, see this link here.
For all prints, see this link here.

Moving to a separate blog - on the privacy level of which I haven't decided yet - means I can write up more about the exercises, the learning and related thoughts around the course without worrying about clogging up the blog itself.

So: here's to a bit more structured and reflective learning.

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