Saturday, 25 August 2007

I've been setting up shop

... at - an exciting 'sell your own' website for everything handmade.

I've come across the site a short while ago - mainly because I was getting bored with the endless posters that were sold as artwork on ebay. So, I spent the past few hours cutting a few more mountboards, finalising the Window to the Sky studies, photographing and uploading them to my new Etsy shop.

Come and have a look around at Paint & Pastel at Etsy ( or have a look at the new item on the sidebar.

The shop is still pretty much work in progress, so, again, any feedback or thoughts are very welcome. But also take your time to browse Etsy - with all its colourful pictures of other people's creation it's a beautiful site to pass one's time.

... now on to some more painting :)

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