Saturday, 8 December 2007

Frosty interlude... I wish

Alfred Sisley's Frost in Louveciennes had greeted me one morning a couple of weeks back, and after a Saturday which never quite made it to a proper day with all the low clouds and heavy rains, I wish for precisely such a winter morning. Hm, maybe tomorrow? Maybe not?

Alfred Sisley, Frost in Louveciennes, 1873,
Oil on Canvas, Puskhin Museum, Moscow

Sisley's trees tell us about the time of year, but even more so it's the colours of the sky and air which capture so well the crispness of a clear winter morning. Cool grey blues are combined with a hint of red reflection on trees and buildings to carry with them this winter air.

Makes me think of how to capture the invisibles, impressions as in Sisley and his fellow impressionists in their outdoor painting adventures.

Much more mundane, some of my own bare trees against a clear sky sketches:

Backgarden and Tyseley Station,
Pen and a bit of Neopastel ii on Moleskine



Casey Klahn said...

I told my children that Santa Claus begins his journey at Scotland. Today, he has delivered a big, Merry Christmas link to your blog at Pastel.

Gesa said...

hi casey... i am blushing... many thanks for the write-up... i must say it's funny to see my name against the st andrews cross... strange one for belongings :)
i suppose scotland isn't a bad place for santa, if you avoid his grotto...

Anonymous said...

hey gesa,

Alex was in Pushkin museum in Moscow.
But I stand in front of his house and shot my video, I think.

good bye from