Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Unpacking the Found Papers Book

... presented as post-hoc rationalisations, these thoughts here in fact came well before yesterday's post. Well - thoughts? Hm, not quite - some hand, brain, eye coordinations which led to some sustained exercises in general craftiness...

[some spillover from the day seems to be going on: writing conference papers is what I've been doing over the past few days, and it looks as if academic practice translates into blog posts, my apologies: this is distinctly wafty... as in fact the paper still is... but bear with me]

A book format such as the loosely, with a string, strung together palm leaf booklet [talked about here] seemed much better than merely a two-dimensional canvas for the found papers.

The string acquired some beads - paper beads, made out of some of the found papers too.
I came across paper beads first on etsy. They are so simple to make and can be customised into different shapes, but more importantly colour-coordinated sooo easily: just use the same found papers, coloured papers, and hey presto: there's your perfect accompaniment.


An instruction for the beads is here. They are cut strips of paper, rolled tiedly together on a skewer or similar, then fixed with glue/ gloss medium to acquire some strength. And that's it.

The cover is some left over postcards, covered in more found papers - some of the yellow envelopes I got from Australia are perfect - there's some stamping, some addressing and general texture. Again, glued on with decoupage medium, covered with decoupage medium and thoroughly dried it's pretty sturdy and looks generally undestructable (though that's deceptive I suppose).

Inside cover with title

Title and signature go inside the cover. It's rather conventional, as far as collage titles go, but good nonetheless: This one is called Moin Olle: Sondervig. Slupsk - Taken from some text on the collage, and the two most outlying place names from the map on the back.

Half the postcard format is perfect for a good cover of the booklet.

This observation leads to the final, most important (?), point on the format... but that'll take a bit longer, so it'll have to wait til tomorrow...


Yellow said...

This is excellent. Will you be drawing in it, or just keeping it as is for it's own visual querkyness?
Could I contribute towards your found paper, or have you enough already?
I do love the corner hinging. How are the papers then attached to the cover? I can't wait for you to post.

Gesa said...

:) - No, not to be messed with once sealed - well, unless to play with the format.
Yes - of course, send me some recycling - have sent you email about it, and looking forward to it!

littlemithi said...

Wow ... this sure looks like its coming together.

Yellow said...

Gesa, I couldn't wait so there's an envelope of stuff in the post for you right now. I think I got a bit carried away, but you could always compost what you don't want.

Gesa said...

Thanks, Mithi... it surely is :)
LOL, yellow... well - you wouldn't be the first one getting carried away... looking forward to see what you've sent.