Monday, 21 July 2008

A look out of the window last week

... while making tea was like this: every morning, afternoon and evening. The distance depending on the cloud base, rain and general fog.

Amazing what you can find in this, if you stretch your eyes, mind and general outlook.

So, here's the teaser for the recent entry in our Moleskine project. It's posted off today to Vivien, so I may show the rest in a short while. This one's been good fun.

Well... realising that among the two hundred photos I took, there is not a single one from the view I painted most over the past week, here's a sketch... a sunny one:

The most magnificient drama
The most magnificient drama, Ink and neo ii in Moleskine (26x13cm)

And another one in pastel, sunny again. Same spot, different drama in the skies:

While making tea
While making Tea, Pastel in Moleskine (21x13cm)


Chris Bellinger said...

i loved these Sketches!
the writing woks well
be very interested in seeing more

vivien said...

me too - more!!!

I really like these, in just a few marks you've caught the drama and the feel of the weather and landscape.

I hope you are planning a series of paintings?

and I can't wait to get the book :>)

Chris Bellinger said...

Knew there was something else! Kurt Jackson is worth looking at in the way he uses words as part of his painting and sometimes incorporates them in his title, He has done some paintings of scotland as well.His current project is of the New Forest and looks great

Gesa said...

Cheers! I didn't even angst about adding the writing... been doing quite a few of these recently.

Series of painting: Hm... they are still too close. They need to set for a bit. At the moment I just really enjoy being in love with the sketchbook. I did more than 60 pages or so in the week - quiet places do have advantages. I am also really pleased that I got to grips with the ink pen, and that I am approaching a comfortableness with watercolour washes :)

One of the things I want to think about is the way in which lines can be part of paintings much more than what I've done so far - I think since de Stael I'm firmly stuck on fields of colour. But Tina Mammoser did some interesting stuff inspired by the Cy Twombly exhibition. I think I'll let all these things cook over the summer while doing more sketches and travelling lightly.

Kurt Jackson: thanks, Chris. I really do need to look at his work, Vivien - you had mentioned him a while back to. That's on my list of research too.

And I've scheduled a few posts with a bit more sketching and writing.

vivien said... - link to his work

I like David Prentice as well and David Blackburn (sadly no relation)

all well worth looking at and I think you'd like them (the last 2 don't use text but do use colour and colour fields beautifully)

Gesa said...

Thank you Vivien... will check them out... on my list: contemporary British artists :)