Saturday, 16 August 2008

The world in high chroma

... a consequence of the limited palette but also a bit of playfulness. Late summer colours just shout cobalt and orange at me. So, I willingly oblige. And this is what I end up with. My parents don't recognise their world in my paintings, but that's probably quite alright, hm?!

The world in high chroma

Do you see what I did again: painted pages in my sketchbook. I think of 'Liar, liar...' and grin quietly to myself. Determination, heh, overrated... The colour I used was my old school posterpaint - kind of low grade gouache with little opacity, but ok. It doesn't rough up the paper all that much, but I just liberally add hairspray and it works pretty well, thanks again, Brian!

Where's the shade
Where's the shade, Softpastel on Colorfix

This scene was a spontaneous find this morning. Spontaneous only in that sense that it's a view I've seen thousands of times. The shadow shapes on the path intrigued me.
Do you see them? No? Well, they somehow got lost, didn't they? I'm never too keen on any of the rather obvious composition points like: lead the eye of the viewer into the painting by using a path... well, it becomes so quickly so generic, so I ignore them. And the shadow shapes got lost at the expense of the fields in the distance. I will need to try again, tomorrow morning, find another way to ignore the path and keep the shade.

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