Saturday, 7 March 2009

All new beginnings

... are also so exciting.

So, if we stick with my new sketching location, take a look at its possibilities: an undulating river, moored boats in various states of decay, sandy shores, grassy shores, trees with exposed roots, little waves, bigger waves, hills in the distance, mist in the distance, ducks, swans, the air filled with the sound of gulls and the faint smell of the sea.

And, to keep my tree intrigue in motion: look at the birch trees against a winter sky.

Loch Lomond 22 February

I need to go again, rather urgently, I feel. The last two times I was there with other people - the first visit worked well with time for sketching - and me asking for that time; the second one was a bit more difficult: too much movement, someone I didn't know well enough, and some confusions over the purpose of a weekend (mine: doing art and having fun; his: working).

That clearly tells me: Gesa, go on your own next time :) But for tomorrow, the forecast is full of hail, snow and rain... and: the fog I had already once before:

Loch Lomond in fog
Loch Lomond in fog,
pastel on board, 35x25


vivien said...

this has a LOT of potential and I can see some very interesting work coming out of it

You really need to hire a boat - those hollowed trees with exposed roots with the water in front have SO much potential.

Jala Pfaff said...

Beautiful. I especially love those intense colors on the "bushy areas" on the right.

I love your photo set. They load really slowly, though, not sure why? Would you mind if I used your first photo as a basis for a semi-abstract?

Casey Klahn said...

Fascinating. I am doing much the same kind of study, with watercourses from my home area on the coast. It is quite like the UK in weather, you know. No wonder my cross town rivals were the town of Aberdeen, Washington.

Gesa said...

Yes, Jala - please go ahead, I usually just assign a CC license to my photos anyway, so, no problem using it. Hm, one reason why the set may load so slowly is that the two last ones are videos? Will try and remove those from the set.

Thanks for your comment, Vivien - that gave me an idea - the river is fairly narrow, so I may be able to do without the boat, but it could give me a scene that allows for a printmaking subject to be expanded upon - I liked the way you used your willow.

Cheers, Casey - I think we talked about the similarities before. A former colleague of mine had lived in Vancouver beforehand and felt it was pretty similar.