Sunday, 17 May 2009

Art? Anyone?

Elqui 1, WIP
oil on canvas, 80x70cm

Not quite finished but this is what Elqui has transformed into (once the hilltops were lost). The three made yesterday morning very enjoyable. They, and the fact that we are getting rather excited about the exhibition opening on Wednesday - and that pretty much is organised. Oh, yes, and then one of my fellow painters expressed her interested in buying Elqui 1 off me once it's finished. Hm... nice... just as well that there's no space anywhere for me to put it up, otherwise I may have been tempted to keep it.

More about them once they are finished in a couple of weeks.

Elqui 3, WIP
oil on canvas, 50x50cm

Elqui 2, WIP
oil on canvas, 50x50cm


Anonymous said...

Gesa these are magic - I love the quality of light in them.

Lindsay said...

GEsa, these are stunning! I love how free you are with your color and brush strokes. You are inspiring me!!!

Jala Pfaff said...


Jala Pfaff said...

are these brush or palette knife?

Gesa said...

Jala - actually a bit of both. For each layer, I begun with a brush and quite turpsy paint; I then applied some more of more/less turpsy paint with knive, scratched a bit with it and at points softened again with either brush or rag. - I think they are finished now and I'll write a bit more about process when I put the final pieces up.