Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hear the sea and see the moon

I've been very lucky with the full moon this year so far, if I count the April moon in Chile and various other occasions. Well, on 6 August while in California it was also full moon, and moon rise and sunset coincided again nicely - I've been racking my geography brain over this (and that is the wrong brain for that, I'm sure), but I don't think it's coincidence, is it? That sunset and moon rise coincide??? Anybody with a better astronomy brain than mine?

California Seaside

Na, anyways... the sun sets and the moon rises. Ate films the sea. I film Ate. Ate films more sea. I sketch Ate. Ate still films the sea and finally the moon makes an appearance above the low clouds. Ate now films sea and moon while I'm trying my best to differentiate the pastel sticks. Mildly successful.

Kalifornien Strand Nocturne
Kalifornien Strand Nocturne, no 2
Soft pastel on paper, 35x25cm

Kalifornien Strand Nocturne
Kalifornien Strand Nocturne, no 1
Soft pastel on paper, 35x25cm

But all in all a fantastically beautiful evening, lying in the sand, hearing the sea and watching the moon.


Anonymous said...

Gesa what luck to see both on the same day. And glorious images in soft pastel; the colours in the second are just so lovely.

Jala Pfaff said...

Oh how gorgeous! So funny--when I saw the blue photo, I thought, wow, that would make a great pastel. Then I scrolled down...and saw that you had thought the same thing. :)

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


Those hues are awesome.
I could almost bet Sennelier or Schmincke...

Best regards,


Gesa said...

Hi Jose and thanks :)
I was about to reply: I only work with Unisons, but that's not true... so there are indeed a few Schmincke in there and possibly a Sennelier (lightest beige), but it is mostly Unisons, still...