Monday, 21 September 2009

Where am I?

ad 1. a train journey of ten hours leaves in one capital, travels through another to arrive in third
ad 2. in theory i should understand people here. in practice? don't ask.
ad 3. again and again i am thinking of auto da fe and the man without qualities. a hundred years in between don't seem to have passed.

that's quite a give away, i know... but here's some photaes too:

ach... empty promises. gesa, must learn mobile blogging better. next post then heh!?

1 comment:

not known said...

ah geh, die spinnen die ösis!
mach dir nichts draus.

an die sprache kann man sich auch gewöhnen:
heuer - bis/ab heute
jänner - januar
fußgeher - fußgänger
klappe - nebenstelle(nnummer)
und hunderte andere merkwürdigkeiten.