Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Almost there with the Found Papers Project

The most recent envelope I received for the Found Papers project is stretching my imagination: a board and plenty of playcards from a children's boardgame which looks like a couple of decades old; the dried pink petals of some spring tree blossoms and plenty more to get excited about.

I am trying to finish the project before mid-July. In order to do that, I've been asking people to send me any more found papers by the end of May. This should give me enough time to finish a few more books: there are some ideas for printmaking, said flower petals and quite a few more bits and pieces that are here already.

Here's a peek into the envelope above. You see my excitement?

Found Papers Lot  6 May

Not quite? How about now?

Found Papers Lot  6 May


Bensa said...


Gesa said...

NA... ich weiss ja, was meine freundinnen mir fuer tolle sachen schicken ;)

littlemithi said...

Can't WAIT to see what you get up to with these ...

Gesa said...

Mithi: there will be pictures of it, I promise ;)