Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Eldon Group... by way of introduction

The exhibition preparations are getting ahead now; I've ordered (and need to pick up from the depot) the postcards that some of us have been designing. I also took the first lot of (small) paintings to the framers yesterday.

By way of introducing some of my fellow artists, I thought I'd post the images of their postcards.

So, here they are:

Thomas Bush, Korridors,
Acrylics on board, 67.5x54cm

Sarah Jane Sharp, Dancing Jelly Fish
Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm
Chris Turpie, Dreams of Sunset
Oil on Canvas, 70x80cm

They were all pretty clear of what my card should be, so I'm including this one for good measure.

Gesa Helms, Fields in Haze
Mixed media on paper, 58x40cm

We are having an Exhibition Opening Party on Friday 13 June 4-6pm - so, if you're around, come along!

For some general info on the exhibition see:

We were initially a bit worried about the date for exibition (16-30 June) being so late in the year and also after term has finished. Yet, it all seems to be working out rather well as it will fall right into the annual Glasgow West End Festival with lots of events, venues and general things happening.


Chris Bellinger said...

ir all looks very interesting and I hope it will be a success, liked your postcard very much,very atmospheric also.Chris turple looks great as well, lovely texture and colours

vivien said...

good luck with this :>)

love Fields in Haze - you've really captured the haze

Lindsay said...

What a great group of painters. Best ofluck!

Gesa said...

Thank you! Vivien, I'll send you a postcard with the next Moley...

Gesa said...

Chris - thank you, yes - I like Chris's abstracts a lot too. He works very different to the way I work: lots of palette kniving and oil layering; and it's always fascinating how his paintings change and change again throughout...