Monday, 19 October 2009

I am doing an "art sale"

... how I laughed when I finally realised it:

I've been inviting people to a party. The invite is  a bit vague what it's about - with my assumption that it's yet perfectly clear: it is my leaving party. Though 'leaving party' makes a rubbish theme, and is thus omitted from the titling.

But then one of my close friends - who should know what it is about, since August at the very latest - said: oh, you're having a party because you want to sell your paintings! I: Nohoo... it's my 'thank you and until hopefully soon' party. Reply: But it says art sale on the invite I: Yehess... among ten other things.

So, it is really an "art sale" not an art sale, a "leaving party" not a leaving party. Hahaha... what's in a title, heh?

But, the inverted commas (which in German are curiously called Little Geese Feet - I am not making this up) did not stop me spending a large part of the weekend with curating and figuring out what kind of schedule I want to make. My latest prototype is an explosion booklet:

- but I also very much enjoyed hers:


Jeanette Jobson said...

I wish I was close enough to drop by. This is a great idea!

And I adore this piece - those blues and the shot of red. Inspired.

Gesa said...

hi jeanette! that would have been very good if you had been there. it was a lovely set of days! just right...