Sunday 23 October 2011

and elsewhere there is:

this blog is no longer being updated. instead, read on at

Thursday 13 October 2011

'in autumn the sky is tall and wide'

she just sent into my inbox as i was contemplating what would make a suitable last post here.
but that image captures it pretty well: the sky is tall and wide, the wind around my head makes it feel lighter. the rain and its many variations do their own thing to it too.

autumn is definitely the time for moving. for so many years it has already been. no wonder that m used to say that autumn was my season.

this place here has served me well. last weekend i got lost in the several hundreds of posts, went through many of them, back and further, sometime with a cringe more often with a grin. yeap. the blog served me well for my big departure and the arrival to the many things that are becoming.

one thing it definitely is no longer is paint and pastel. even the cluck_cluck may have moved from animal form to text: find_search (repeat) is what i will be calling it for the next little while.

so, i'm taking the presence as some kind of arrival. having moved some posts across to my new/old website, i will take some of this blog with me. hopefully too, many of you. without the worry that whoever will find me in future was really looking for paint and pastel and the often promised, never delivered instructive tutorials.

thanks for the time! it has been precious.

as of now: all future resides in find_search (repeat) aka http// (with functioning rss feed and email subscriptions, and a little bit lighter as without the many syndications that google provides).

Monday 10 October 2011

c | fieldwork exhibition opening

finally, tom and my show is approaching.

also finally, interlinking this blog to my new/old website.
what remains: one last post here.

Saturday 8 October 2011

The Glasgow Keelie (1990-93) is online

An archive of the Glasgow Keelie (1990-93) is online! The Keelie was a free broadsheet that exposed the cynicism and business motivation of the 1990 Glasgow City of Culture re-branding of the city, asking 'where's the legacy?' It highlighted the corruption of local politicians, and the plight of ordinary people during the early 90s recession.

Far too often it reads today as if little has changed. A voice much needed (again). For a future to be ours.

Thanks to those who magicked it online!
May it circulate widely and wildly!

Friday 7 October 2011

reed: the sky

... that much for tying up loose ends...

[wanna read? click the image]