Monday, 30 June 2008

On loan...

... to various friends is where my paintings have gone post-exhibition.

I liked the idea: no space at home means that all the paintings I collected on Friday need elsewhere. So, I've been giving them away for the time being.

Well - I would have really liked to sell at least one of the bigger ones or so to get back the framing costs, but it looked as if that wasn't going to be. But, more importantly, once I had them all framed and at home, I realised that they shouldn't all be in one place, and definitely if that place was going to be my flat: too small, too intense, simply too much of my own stuff around.

The fields all together

So, they've been going travelling for now. I just need to keep a list of where they all are, in case I may need them back.

A couple of friends are coming round for breakfast shortly, I see if I can lose a few more paintings before lunchtime.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


the first birthday came and went... rather nicely, rather quietely... I'll send an invite for no 2 in just under a year's time.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Have another look

at the exhibition...

I've been going along late last week to steal another look at our paintings. It's all good. Very quiet. That's ok, I suppose.

I uploaded some more photos of the paintings, the venue and the opening in this Flickr Set. Tom and I did a picture swap. So, I'll be getting one of his Gestalten (the grey one) on Friday and he takes one of my Fields around my Parents' House paintings home with him. He hasn't said which one it'll be, but I think I know. It's nice to know it goes somewhere good.


Friday, 20 June 2008

I wish I was

ACEO Colored Sands #9,
Watercolour on Paper

... a synesthesist.

To hear colour, or to taste words. But above all I would love to see music in colour. Wouldn't that be great?

Not about translating, transferring or changing state from one sensation to another, instead they are the same. They don't exist without the other... Hm, thinking about it, I am not sure if I cared enough about tasting words or sounds - too much bad taste.

But the music/colour assemblage would be fabulous.

Have a look at Philip Schreibman's Gallery to see (hear?) what I mean:

Or, similarly, the Belgian Synesthesia Association on Art and Synesthesia

And then I wonder: how would I know if I were? How do I know what it is that I experience?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dance, dance, dance

Lykke Li Dance Dance Dance (Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 7 May 2008)

From gigs to themed Moley's... here's a glimpse at my work in progress on David's moley...

Last weekend's gig, last night's music and today's idea. There'll be a bit more on colour, paint and music.

Now I just need to figure a way to make those small pages large again.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The things we do

... are the things that matter.

So: this is what we've been doing yesterday. With a big thank you to everyone involved: on the walls, off the walls, on the floor and off the floor.

And that's all there is...

But I think there may be more

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Painting is sooooo boring

I am telling you: painting frames is just mind numbingly boring. I spent the evening with it. Kept looking at my self-assembly floater frames (they are very pretty) and my paintings. It was a task I surely could have done without. Had meant to order white frames for the oil paintings. Of course, the white frames were out and I said: och, no probs, I take the untreated ones and just DIY them. I should not say these things, I know. Not that I can't DIY them, but I probably could have used those hours better.

So, while painting away, I kept casting my eye across - frames, oil paintings, frames, oil paintings - hm, something's odd here. Hm... keep painting, casting my eye across - frames, oil paintings, frames, oil paintings - hm, something is definitely odd here. No, surely, that will just be the angle of how the frames sit against the cupboard. Keep painting...

Did I not sort out my frames properly from S-J's for whom I also ordered some? Count. Well, 8 pairs, 4 paintings, all's in perfect order. Keep painting. Finish painting. Sit on sofa, cast my eye across.... [well, it was a long day, and my thoughts got pretty slow, so you kind of get the picture, hm?]. I pick up my notebook with the paintings' dimensions. Look at them. Big one #1 is 70x80cm, yes - that's what it is. Big one #2 is down as 24"x28". Hm. I'm bad with inch to metric conversion. But that was the most recent set of stretcher bars I bought, and that was DEFINITELY A LOT SHORTER than 70x80cm. I look at the paintings. No, they are exactly the same. 70x80cm for Big one #1 and Big one #2.

It starts to dawn on me. 24"x28" is the one that is being left unfinished for the time being. Not ready. No need to be framed. But in eager anticipation I must have ordered a frame for that one.

This leaves me exactly one frame short. Well done, Dr Helms! 20 points for observational skills! And these two were to be hung next to each other. So, effectively I am missing two frames.

Good. Smile to yourself. That's where all this planning and preparation gets you to.

Frames? Overrated! It'll look grand all the same, I'm telling you.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

In the post... this time:

David's Moley and his Tango dancers

David's Moley from our Moleskine Exchange. His theme of Dancing is the one I'm slightly worried about: it clearly shouts: Gesa, draw figures! at me. And not just any old figures, but people dancing.
Hm, well... maybe it doesn't. I need to think about this for a while. David's Tango dancers in oil pastels are an excellent start, so I could digress to: oil pastels, blue, Spain, Flamenco, castagnettes, sound... I'm sure I'll find some more associations.

BTW: to my Flamenco-dancing friends: how about some pics from your last show? And I could go into Portraiture commissioning. Or maybe not, I don't think anyone would pay me for that. LOL.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Exhibition inhibitions

The road to the blue trees
The road to the blue trees, 64x45cm
Acrylic and paper on board

This will be the most recent piece for the exhibition. I finished it last Saturday, and will drop it off at the framer tomorrow morning. I'm just waiting on a friend to drop all the small paintings off at my house tonight after she picked them up from the framer earlier today. All this coming and going... it's a nice set of tasks to prepare for the exhibition: quite clearly circumscribed, ticking off items on the list.

All the time I'm getting rather giddy. Giddy at the thought of what it'll be like to look at all these things that I did over the past months. They are usually stashed away in different places, happy to be pulled out into daylight once in a while. But all of them up against a white wall?? That'll be exciting, a bit scary, and rather exhibitionist. Well: it's called exhibition after all, isn't it? Hadn't thought of that one before.

Somebody had asked whether I was scared or anxious. That I'm most definitely not. It's a funny one: for my job I do a fair bit of public speaking, and if someone had told 17-year old Gesa that she would have to talk in public regularly for her job, she would have surely hidden behind the sofa (any sofa) and never surfaced again. So, that kind of publicity took me a long time to get used to (and it still scares me from time to time). But this one feels very different.

Maybe that's because it's about something that is finished, done. It's ready. Whereas public speaking is always in the making, there and then. But maybe, more simply, it's not something I have to worry about as my livelihood depends on it? I don't know. It definitely feels like a lot of fun. And that's good enough, I s'pose.

BTW, I think this is a painting I'm not quite finished with: still feels too precious to let go off, and I doubt that will have receded by next week... so it'll possible have a Not for sale sticker on it.

And just to clarify any confusions over dates and times for the exhibition which have kept changing (to do with changing messages over opening times after everything seemed clear for a long time)

The Opening will be on Friday 13 June 4-6pm

From then onwards, the exhibition will be
open Monday to Friday 10-5pm (last entry at 5);
It will not be open at any point during the weekend.

The exhibition will close on Friday 27 June 5pm

The location is St Andrew's Gallery, Level 5, St Andrew's Building, University of Glasgow,
11 Eldon St, Glasgow, G3 6NH (off Woodlands Roundabout)

The website is being kept uptodate.