Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dance, dance, dance

Lykke Li Dance Dance Dance (Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 7 May 2008)

From gigs to themed Moley's... here's a glimpse at my work in progress on David's moley...

Last weekend's gig, last night's music and today's idea. There'll be a bit more on colour, paint and music.

Now I just need to figure a way to make those small pages large again.


vivien said...


Chris Bellinger said...

what about a flaminco dancer?
anway how is it coming along?
I am on a scotish highland theme at the moment.
How is the show hetting along?

Gesa said...

Yes - it's a good yin, isn't it?
Flamenco... yes, been thinking of that. And in fact that'll be what I'll do.
I'll do an update on the show too... this weekend.