Monday, 30 June 2008

On loan...

... to various friends is where my paintings have gone post-exhibition.

I liked the idea: no space at home means that all the paintings I collected on Friday need elsewhere. So, I've been giving them away for the time being.

Well - I would have really liked to sell at least one of the bigger ones or so to get back the framing costs, but it looked as if that wasn't going to be. But, more importantly, once I had them all framed and at home, I realised that they shouldn't all be in one place, and definitely if that place was going to be my flat: too small, too intense, simply too much of my own stuff around.

The fields all together

So, they've been going travelling for now. I just need to keep a list of where they all are, in case I may need them back.

A couple of friends are coming round for breakfast shortly, I see if I can lose a few more paintings before lunchtime.


vivien said...

lucky lucky friends!

I could live with these!

Lor Lor said...

So could I!

Gesa said...

Hihihi... cheers... I think I could too, if they weren't mine. Well, that's not true. I AM very fond of them... But not all at once :)