Friday, 12 December 2008

Moon light


Just as I was thinking that one thing I'd like to try out when in Germany over Christmas it to capture dusk, darkness and low lights, my office calendar offers this up to me this morning.

Spot on for the full moon today, here's a bit of Munch.

Edvard Munch, Moonlight, 93x110cm
oil on canvas
Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo

I took this one last winter. As you can figure, this is the sun not the moon, but I do like its gloomieness and strong lines.



Casey Klahn said...

Very great Munch painting. looks like much that I have been admiring from Matisse.

What year was it painted, I wonder? I hold Munch high for having a masterpiece in pastel (Scream) in the modern period.

Gesa said...

I found this info here:

Painted 1894/95.

It's fabulous, isn't it? The composition with the strong verticals through the trees, moon reflection and how it's offset with the shoreline is so simple and convincing.

The website above has a foto of it with much more muted colours, though.

Obviously, there is some intriguing play with transposition of values going on: with that much light you wouldn't get the reflection in the water. It's an interesting way of dealing with low lights.

I've just admired Brian's review of the MoMA exhibition on Van Gogh... that'll be blogged next :)