Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Postcard 6: Boats can be very small...

A boat and the Pacific

... and they may even disappear right in the middle of the Pacific. Like this one here. From one small boat to the other. And alongside us there were some dolphins, penguins, sea lions, cormorans, pelicans, eagles, picadors and assorted other wildlife (I think R thought she was in heaven, I was kind of more taken by the tiny boat in the middle of the ocean scenario... being the complete sucker that I am for big things likes stars, oceans, deserts and all that).

We drove to Punta Choros. Well: pretty much in the middle of nowhere, a small harbour at the end of a dirt track through the desert, somewhere of the Panamericana. Very cool! And excessively good fun, thanks to all of the above.

Punta Choros a Isla Choros
Punta Choros a Isla Choros,
Pastel on board, 35x25cm


Jala Pfaff said...

Beautiful work, Gesa.

vivien said...

oh this and those last ones will lead into some beautiful large paintings

Gesa said...

:) Thank you!

... I´ve got a few more of that trip onto the water, the colours of the water were fabulous... and so they were of some of the smaller lakes we´ve been surrounded since Monday: beautiful ponds... next post :)