Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spring steps

Elquí 1, WIP, Detail
oil on canvas, 70x80cm

... all across town. I must say I love Spring in Glasgow. It's delightful and fickle. It's full of promises. Promises that pretty much all involved know won't be kept. And it's ok. Well: not really. But seeing that the promises of days of light, warmth and sunshine won't last much past mid-June at the very latest and thus are made to be broken, everyone takes them as such.

So I grinned as I walked home from painting at lunch time, grinned again at the sight of strappy vests, painted toenails and that delightful expectation of promises you know will be broken.

I also grinned because of this: I condensed my pastel travel kit into: cadmium, cadmium, cobalt, earth pigment x2 and ended up with a zingy small palette for oils. Yes - I changed my mind - I had written off the oils until autumn but I want the space, the shine and the layering one, two or three large(ish) duck linen canvasses are promising me for the next couple of months.

And you know what: I know that that's a promise that won't be broken. And soon I will have Elquí Valle in large scale amazingness (well: if I can pull that off).

Now: where is my nail varnish? My sandals?

Elquí 1, WIP
oil on canvas, 70x80cm


Irene said...

Welcome to GREEN honey, wundeschoen!!!
Fruehling auch hier, aber volle Kanne.
Das aber nicht fuers Blog :-)

Kuesschen aus Jerusalem!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I think this is going to have amazing light. Can't wait to see it progess.

Gesa said...

I: yes: green, but even more yellow ;)

... I think you may be right, Cath - that yellow will be difficult to dampen down, so I'm quite curious where it will go. I want it more abstract, but that's maybe for Elqui 2 or 3... we will see.

Thanks :)

Jala Pfaff said...

I LOVE this oil sketch!

Gesa said...

Jala - your set of comments made me smile on Thu morning though I've been slow to respond. Working with the oils and the prints in parallel is intriguing: I love the strength of the pigments in the oil colours and am bored with the generic pigments in the print ink; but also I am beginning to see how I'm getting a sense of how the relief printing works and how I can make the medium work. With oils I just again discovered today just how much I don't have a clue :)