Saturday, 17 November 2007

Problems to projects

Water spray and a low sun
Mixed media collage on paper, 40x30cm

My mixed media experiments are continuing.

This one had started as a very cautious exploration of gouache and pastels. A few weeks later, I got back to it with some tissue paper and glue. Reworked it, kept reworking it, reorganising a poor composition and kept adding more torn bits of tissue paper, watercolour washes, gouache, ink, charcoal, felt pen and yet more pastel to get to something better.

I am beginning to see how a poor painting - or a problem - turns into a project: part intention, part process, I can go with it where the materials take me. I liked where I got to today, in particular since it transformed thin paper into a thickly textured board with all sorts of things on it - and I haven't even begone to use grit, sand and mud ;)

This is where I started:


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