Sunday, 20 January 2008

Winter. Colour. Squares

Sixteen Winter Colour Squares, 10x10cm
Oil on canvas board

Sixteen of them - in small 10x10 cm to teach my hands how to get to the colours inside my head and outside on the fields.

Winter, anyone? Can you find it in there? Where?

The squares are either oil bars or oil paints, a couple of them are both.

Tell me, which ones are finished? Which ones work for you? Which ones should be taken on further?

Winter Colours Square #1, 10x10cm
Oil on canvas board

Funnily, some of the cooler colours I got to with the oil bars - e.g. with emerald green, blue violets and primary blue seem to call winter more easily than yesterday's oil paints. Yet, the texture of the oil paint is just sooo much nicer, I forgot how enjoyable it is to move them around, on the palette, the knive and brush and eventually on canvas, and how they can be worked into again and again.

Winter Colours Square #9, 10x10cm
Oil on canvas board



vivien said...

I like these and I like them all together - the one you picked out to enlarge was one I particularly liked :)

Lindsay said...

A very interesting way to own the color and to come up with compostions.

Gesa said...

Thank you, you two... I've been a bit sparse of late - just too much other work, but I'll get round to more paint stuff soon hopefully... I just picked the ones that have dried up tonight and am looking forward to taking a few of them further.

Yellow said...

I'd love to see the others close up; the brush marks are suggestive of ploughed fields - was that intentional? I've just opened you up in another 'tab' so I can look as I type.... The one that immediately caught my eye was the second row, far right one in very dark green with a lilac sky. Then I was drawn to the second one in on the top row, with the washier dark-green and the pink sky - a powerful combination. Composition-wise and colour balance I think the first one on the second row with the yellow and brown foreground and the grey-green sky could become something special.

Gesa said...

Thank you, yellow! Hm, the brushmarks, part intentional, part turpsy oil paint - and it's funny to see when they turn out interesting and when they remain rather superficial.
The plan is to work some up quite intensely - and the second row far right had already a second layer added, so it's a bit more textured.
I just need to make up my mind which to take further, but I got a couple I think that work already... will keep you posted...