Friday, 11 April 2008

"Favourite artists"

is supposed to be the name of a new sidebar addition.

Sicile, Nicholas de Stael, 1954
Oil on canvas, 114x145 cm, Musee de Grenoble

But this is proving more difficult than I thought. I've been trying to locate museums, official websites or similar, and am already faltering. Wiki is proving fairly reliable, if less so on some of the lesser known ones. Or, I could pick museums with some of my favourite artworks as links; Or I could????

Do you link to artists' (dead rather than living) websites? What do you link to?

I think my current preference is actually to link to a google image search on the respective artist. I've tried a few ones, and it seems to work ok. In some sense it could well be appropriate - most of the reasons for me being intrigued by artists at the moment are intensely visual: it is their art, painting, and increasingly also their drawing, studies, work process. And then there's the element of luck, change and dynamism in a search phrase as link.

Here's the short list to start with

I'll give it a try. But am also keen to hear other people's thoughts and suggestions...
In particular with some lesser known artists, the image search gets a bit messy - see, e.g., Anna Ticho, but then again, there isn't much in way of her images, e.g. at the site of the Ticho House in Jerusalem.


Casey Klahn said...

Your list will be great fun to follow. Good idea.

Artists With Artitude said...

Hi Gesa, it was such a pleasure seeing you at my blog :) I am happy to have "discovered" yours.

When I look for artists, I usually go to the usual Google images section but I also I spend quite some time perusing art magazines online and galleries...Sometimes, you may find something even more interesting than what you might be looking for! Haha.. Good luck!

Gesa said...

Thanks, Casey, and also thanks for the link to the artist you sent me - i'll follow that up and report back. I'm not terribly quick in discovering new people, so the list may take a while to grow...

Hi Neda... ditto... your blog and your collages are a true find. I am looking forward to having a closer look!!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Gesa,
I'm not sure if I'm understanding you properly but what I do is hold a number of links to sites I have either stumbled upon or have been pointed to by other artists. I add these to my (now rather extensive) "Favourites" list. Here are a few:

The first one showcases contemporary Scottish artists (except me!), and the last one is a direct link I keep taking me to a particular (dead) artist I like, in this case Asger Jorn.

Gesa said...

Many thanks, David - I will have a look at your links - always nice to discover other people's favourites.