Friday, 23 January 2009

Lino cut variety

Lino cut on blotting paper
coloured pencil, oil pastel, indian ink

Take block of black layer, pull print on blotting paper, let paper dry, use coloured pencils liberally, add oil pastels to overlay black printing inks, splash a bit of indian ink around.

A name for it? How about 'not-printmaking'? Monoprint? Or does that require a mixture of other 'pure' printmaking processes.

I think I may just call it mixed media, wonderfully generic, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Gesa this is really lively - I think your 'not-printmaking' really works well.

vivien said...

I like this a lot :>D you should do more experiments around this :>)

I was taught that monoprinting is a print like this that contains a reproducible element like your lino but is then worked into as you have, making it unique

a monotype is a totally one off, not reproducible at all

Gesa said...

Thanks, Cath - hm, yes, the CPs work quite well against the solidity of the ink, don't they?

Thanks for the points about monotype/printmaking - I'll have another look at my books/notes, but remember the distinction as being slightly different: as in monoprints include different methods... but I'll check again. I also wondered where that would leave, e.g., my avodcado leave stencilling: each mask can only be used for one print, but yet, I can make as many repros for the masks as I want... hm... Oh, and that hasn't even taken me to editioning/editing prints... :)

Anonymous said...

Gesa, very nicely done! From what I hear, this mix is becoming more and more common (a printed part and a custom part) but I have yet to learn a name for it!

Yellow said...

I love you taking this beyond a lino print, somewhere else. I've tried doing rubbings of the lino blocks, and cutting these out to make collages with. Great fun.

Yellow said...

The more I look at this the more I see the possibilities for experimenting with colours and ideas for blocks without the tedium of cutting each time.

Anonymous said...

I'm never clear about the monoprint/monotype definitions, but whatever this is it is wonderful. The freedom of the marks over the more 'severe' linocut is especially good.

Gesa said...

Hello, and thank you Ian! I had a look at your Etsy and I like your monotype experiments a lot. I haven't done such accidental experimentation with printing so much before but quite a few of my mixed media pieces developed in similar way. And it's such a good way of working for me. I've only now begun to look at your blog - will do that with more time.