Sunday, 13 September 2009

How come?

In colour. Blue. 40x40cm (WIP, I think)
Soft pastel/acrylics on canvas

... that my abstracts are always ending up seascapes?

Don't have a clue!

This is in fact an abstract interior still life, in case anyone is asking.

And just to add to confusion: it's pastel on a 3D canvas, over pumice, gesso and acrylics. Oh, and its first incarnation, this hosted a rubbish landscape in oil from a few years ago.

I let it mature a bit and see if I can sort out the composition a bit more.


Anonymous said...

Oh the colours, the colours. Stunning. Funny how sometimes everything turns into a particular form of somehting huh?

Yellow said...

How is it I can tell it's yours? You have a way of working the pastel which is all you own. I see so much in this abstract, I love it.

Gesa said...

yes... cath, it is interesting. i've got a little theory about it too... needs some more work though;
cheers, and hello again, steph, and thank you! ditto goes for the flower pastels you've been producing: i love the roses... the lines are fantastic and i wish you great success with your gallery adventures!