Sunday, 29 November 2009

there are too few blogs around...

... and so I created two more.

1. Gesa Helms Art at

is just that... some of my art, for sale. Just in time for Christmas shopping I realised that I will be near all my prints, sketches and paintings, so I could put them up for sale. I've stuck with a fairly simple format - something which etsy to this date isn't. Blog posts link to flickr sets, currently of the plein air sketches and the monotypes with the offer of a paypal buy now button. There will be more additions.

Simple? I hope. Persuasive? I hope so too.

2. New blog number 2 is my learning blog at

Well, it's for learning - more specifically it is going to be my learning log for the OCA courses I am doing. As you may know, I've been printmaking 1 for a while and earlier this month I signed up to the drawing 1 course. The learning log for printmaking is mainly kept offline, which has proven more tedious and less enjoyable than I hoped. So - paint and pastel: study will try out learning as voyeuristic online experience. It's going to be a bit tedious - with specific assignments etc, so I decided to keep most of the OCA material away from this blog. It seems that I'm never really short of material to write about, so a separate blog for learning may work best.


Jala Pfaff said...

"Too few blogs around..." Ha ha. :)

That monotype is beautiful, Matisse-like.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are like silk shirts. A girl can never have too many. Looking forward to your musings on making art and trying to work up the courage to take the art-blogging plunge myself!


Cate in Dundee