Tuesday, 30 March 2010


... happy anticipation.

it's been in my diary for months now, and after seeing singing to the sea by bethan huws, i'm very much looking forward to an afternoon among text, crosswords, installations and a bit of video.

bethan huws il est comme un saint dans sa niche: il ne bouge pas, kestner gesellschaft, hannover 

hehehe, and with such an announcement i am creating a bit of zugzwang* for myself to write about it afterwards.

*being forced to make a move, usually metaphorically


SamArtDog said...


*the newest addition to my vocabulary, one which I intend to work into casual conversation as often as possible.

Though I frequently have to explain myself, my friends are used to me.

Gesa said...

very good, sam... i am laughing... i think language in general benefits from ample idiosyncracies scattered in throughout ;)