Sunday, 23 May 2010


the book on gordon matta-clark found my way as an intervention for my current interest in land art; the dangers of a rural and remote idyll.

so matta-clark's work is a forceful pulling back into the city; into politics of development, speculation and the destruction it produces as a necessary moment within.

the land art rests for the moment as i'm working on the final set of printmaking pieces. a series of four. which i decided to be about lived in and visited spaces. rooms i lived in or visited. some old, some new, some fleeting some persistent. the prints are to be a combination of all things i learned in the course so far. so: probably culmination is a better word rather than combination.

two of the images will be new ones; two will be translations into print medium of existing images.

the home/house/interior relates to some of the sound art i recently come across, heard, saw, pondered. it concerns the spaces that are demarcated by subjective responses to the places we inhabit. the boundaries these spaces establish: of access, of use.

there is a lot more to be said and done about this. most of this is taking place off-screen and i have been coming to use the blog here more as an uncommented but carefully assembled holding space. i seem to be working in messy clusters these days.
  • there is the one about about interior spaces, subjectivity as well as disappearence; 
  • there is another one that is developing out of my previous work on fields, landscapism, a thorough look at landscapenature;
  • and there's a third that is starting to ask questions: questions about knowledge production in art. the methodologies of artistic production and how these can be explored.

the last point opens up to the how? can i work on these issues in art/research? can i play with these in art/research? can i learn about these? can i learn about these with others?

i think these will serve well as starting questions for the next few years. there will be some visuals too. but first, take this one little intervention


SamArtDog said...

a moment of silence?

which led me into bienvenido a la casa AM.

now, that was an intervention!

Gesa said...

hehehe... no,no,no... it's not silence. merely stillness. as actually occurring in a woodland last week :). bienvenido a la casa AM?

SamArtDog said...

bienvenido a la casa AM is
your post from may 24th, 2009.
your words come back to haunt you. heh.

Gesa said...

oh yes... of course... oh dear... had almost forgotten padre alexandro... for good reasons. but many thanks for that reminder. i did appropriate some of their privacy there...
i'll be writing something about the various sound installations i recently encountered. and the problems of authoring these... so AM's intervention will come in handy. thanks you!