Wednesday, 17 November 2010

sketch experiments

i mentioned that i took some laminated drypoint paper with me to iceland, didn't i?
having started to put into practice my 'spending time at the print studio plan', i've begun to finalise and edition some of the plates that have accumulated but needed a printing press.

so, here are, invariably titled greetings from grimsey; otto helms, grimsey; or: opa uelzen war auch auf grimsey. titling through memorised tool: i took the swiss army knife my dad had rescued and cleaned from one of my, by then rather confused, granddads 'de-cluttering' sessions (aka: throw everything you have in the nearest nettle bushes). while the knife doesn't go everywhere, it made it to iceland and was a rather able tool of choice for some drypoint experiments. and while it's unlikely that he ever would have come along to iceland (travelling was  definitely more  his wife's thing), i very much enjoyed the thoughts the improvised tool provided for the journey and after.

four 'postcards' from the island, inked up as intaglio and printed on one sheet. each card is about 7x10cm.


Peter Tudhope said...

Interesting intaglios Gesa. I haven't been here visiting for a while but your site is interesting as ever. Iceland is a place I'd love to visit and paint. Hope you had a great time :)

bridget Hunter said...

Like your prints very much. Recently listened to a talk about artists in Iceland - the difficulties they faced - and photos of very strong wonderful works of their homeland. I envy you visiting there as the landscape appears to be very dramatic and stark in places.