Tuesday, 1 February 2011

all that it is not

'all that it is not' - the common result of what i do. here, rather prosaically, the first attempt to turn some charcoal sketches from outdoors to indoors. an attempt at a bit of hue. only to find that GREEN is - how could i forget - the wrong kind of hue for most things green.

disregard the wrong paper. disregard the small scale.

in addition to the common observation on GREEN i did however  discover that powder is the wrong surface quality. i am after waxy, shiny, glossy. now - that was a surprise. in combination with my hunch - that wasn't any more than a half-thought until drumhill 1 and 2 - that it's the light i need to put down for these drawings.

the waxyglossyshinynogreenpastel light will give the direction for my next round of 'all that it is not'.

drumhill 1, charcoal/pastel on a2 canson

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