Wednesday, 25 May 2011

direction? straight_round

attempt 1. wilderness landscaping

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Anonymous said...

when i said it was a bit boring earlier i meant it in relation to the programme run for summer schools to get people thinking 'rationally' about interests in loch lomond. that was my initial 'feeling'/ reaction, utilitarianism, so apologies for that immediate interpretation. probably means we need to meet up for a pint. i know you are much more subtle than that and i hope you know that i know that you are much more subtle than that. i don't know what your interpretation is but from here i am feeling time as disjointed yet continuous, your use of colour to suggest this notion of time, with the water flowing but interspersed with periods of utter objectivity, moments where who you are and what you are are framed, a time for heroes or revolutionaries. the direction of the time, in this understanding, isn't linear?