Monday, 4 July 2011

the script

a joint collaboration it evolved over four days: inspired by many late nights, inspections of bat, bird and mice droppings and the hunting out of hidden lanes, lose floorboards and holes in ceilings.

the moment of truth announced itself early on a sunday afternoon. a promise of something better than a poorly told ghost story (as this one attempts to be).

along with plenty of evidence of bats (incl. chewed off butterfly wings), the nighttime visit to farm RE became in equal measure anticipated and dreaded.

l. had chickened off to round the corner, k almost got stirred by the cow's shitstirrer and all the while we wondered: who would die first and: more importantly who dunnit.

the man in the boiler suit? a woman out among the calves, owls and pips? or was after all the freshly hosed-down stables of the other farm to be the location??

if you have any further information, please leave a message

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SamArtDog said...

Farms can be brutal.