Wednesday, 6 February 2008

At the airport...

... last week and people sketching.

The flight was delayed on the way out of Glasgow. And while everybody was sitting around reading, I got sketching. While everybody sat it was easy to sketch in peace. Another time I tried some people standing about, but that was far too fleeting.

My Wednesday drawing group has also been doing some figure drawing... but I need to photograph those sketches first.

Thus, in the meantime: people at the airport.

At the airport, Graphite in Moleskine, 24x21cm



Lindsay said...

I love these sorts of sketches and one is never bored with a sketchbook in hand. I sketch on the train ride to work.

Gesa said...

yes - it's just a matter of actually doing them, isn't it? i try to loose some of my public inhibitions on sketching people - feels like a funny kind of actual empirical research, in fact. but i also agree on the boredom: once the sketchbook and a pen, any pen, is there it'll be fine :)