Thursday, 7 February 2008

More figure drawing

Here are the images of my figure drawing session. Did I say that they did another one while I was away? It's quite funny how groups end up with different dynamics. Over ten weeks, that drawing class usually includes a figure drawing session: with different people in the group standing, or: sitting model. The group membership is quite fluid from term to term, and depending who's there, different things happen: well, kind of obvious, isn't it?

In any way: this current group is very good fun, and I think that there'll be a couple more figure drawing nights before it'll be finished in five weeks. Two weeks ago, we had three 20 mins poses - these two here and one with myself. I hadn't dared to do that - standing model before - but it was great: a bit apprehensively I went around after, seeing what these people had drawn of/with me. And how nice that was - all very different, some just little details, some portraits, some the whole pose and in different styles and media. Very cool.

So, here's my two attempts - in charcoal and contes, on 40x50 cm cartridge paper


Chris Bellinger said...

Your Figuers are very good, you seem to be moving away from painting and pastels and exploring other media, all good stuff.
i had a preview of my work here at havant and the exhibition is on utill 21st, sold one canvas and some encaustic wax cards last night, the cards seemed to be quite popular, though i am not a craftperson but a Artist, they do bring in extra pennies!

Gesa said...

hi chris!
thank you! - Yes, been trying to get a bit more drawing done, graphite/charcoal and ink. But there's also more painting (oil) to come along shortly. Pastels are quiet at the moment.
That's great news about the exhibition! Funny one with the cards, isn't it... must admit I'm quite ambiguous about them myself.