Monday, 4 February 2008

Getting going...

wonderful... so the first responses are back: and I'm looking forward to post from New Zealand, Chicago, Jerusalem, Belfast, Kreuzberg, Goettingen and Uelzen... How nice. I'm particularly pleased about the last one: there is effectively only one person I'm in touch with who lives where I grew up other than my parents - hi Toja! - and I haven't really been in touch much of late. So, this has already been good. Any body else?

This is going to be an interesting one - I think I'm not much of a collector - well, I do have plenty of things that remind me of people and places but it's not really paper stuff I collect. And I think I need to learn collecting scraps of paper and bits and pieces again... Similar to how painting teaches me to see and experience the around me differently, this collecting project will do something similar.


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