Saturday, 10 January 2009

And onwards.

So many words for what was, and a short list for what I'd like to do over the next year.

1. Two proposals for exhibitions:
- a group exhibition with the Eldon Group for in a couple of years time
- a small exhibition of the books from my Found Papers Project

2. More art stuff offline
- get a better sense of Glasgow's art scene
- check out Berlin too

3. More larger scale drawing pieces
- life drawing
- more observation pieces to fill some of the gaps of my distant love for the sea

4. Travel and paint
- in Scotland
- in Chile
- in Germany
Most of these will involve coastal locations, so for subject matter, seascapes will hopefully figure more prominently.

As for the last point, Casey introduced me to Astrid Volquardsen's pastel paintings of the German coast and her blog Pastell Bilder. Often small scale pieces they capture beautifully the sea, the breeze and the horizon.

The German coast is a place I haven't been to for years, and for the past few years fantasised rather intensely of going there for a holiday, preferably in autumn. So, when I stumbled across Astrid's evocative paintings, that wish had a clear visual expression.

Astrid Volquardsen, Foehr - Oktoberlicht
Pastel on board, 12x34cm

Astrid Volquardsen, Sylter Brandung 3
Pastel on board, 12x34cm

Astrid Volquardsen, Sanfte Brandung
Pastel on board, 12x34cm

(all images copyright Astrid Volquardsen
click on the images to visit Astrid's website)

These are some of Astrid's paintings but do check out her blog and website too. Curiously, Astrid lives just some 30 miles from my parents' place, what a funny small world this is, some times.

As a reminder, I got myself this for my 2009 calendar:

click on image to see a slideshow of the calendar


Astrid Volquardsen said...

Hi Gesa,
thanks for mentioning my blog and website.
Autumn is definitely the best time of year to travel to the island. The combination of wind, clouds and fast changing light is just breathtaking.

Lindsay said...

I wish you all the best in the New Year. Good luck with your goals and I'm glad to see more, wonderful, watery adventures here.

Gesa said...

You're very welcome, Astrid. Yes... it's a plan... hopefully for this year, but certainly next :)
Thank you, Lindsay and a fantastic 2009 to you too! And: ditto re the watery adventures... looking forward to them; and talking about men in uniform at some point, too. lol.