Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Only 24 hours left

... to listen to my little bit of anticipatory fun.... Florence and the Machine in a live session on 6Music.

1. click this link
2. go to right hand menu: Listen again, Wednesday 7 January
3. open iplayer
4. fast forward to 1:45:30 and click play

5. laugh with me and look forward to a gig with her (and Glasvegas) in a fortnight, and Dog Days in particular at 1:53:20.

Well... I will forever love her for the line 'happiness hit her like a bullet in the back', all amidst the scariness of a League of Gentlemen English countryside nightmare just at the very moment when I had the most important realisation of the year (or mibbe decade???).

You're too late? Well, take the video again...

Who needs the bull's hollow if there are music videos like this!


Anonymous said...

Dank mir weiß die Welt, dass man in 24h zweimal die Welt und den amerikanischen Präsidenten retten kann, eine Atombombenexplosion übersteht und hinterher noch verdammt cool dreinblicken kann!

Und das nicht nur einmal!

Bauer, Ende

Gesa said...


genau... was in 24hrs so alles passieren kann. morgen fon?