Saturday, 1 December 2007

All collaged out...

... was what Irene called me this morning. It was the last session for this term of our Saturday morning class, so as of next week I can have lie-ins on Saturday morning (and longer Friday nights).

I finished two more of the desert landscape mixed media pieces by introducing some more collage, alongside acrylics, gouache and pastels. Similar to the first piece of the series, I worked with some smaller detail scenes rather than the whole motif I initially planned.

The easier piece first: Easier since it seemed to work straight off in terms of composition. But, that's possibly also a bit of its weakness (as so often).

Colored Sands Series #2,
Mixed media collage on board,

The second piece kept talking back at me that (a) its composition wasn't right, and (b) that I just can't do trees. Fullstop.

Colored Sands Series #2,
Mixed media collage on board,

We took it to the hallway, and Tom, Irene and I did a good crit session. For them, the spidery shape in the front provided just the kind of ambiguity to make the piece work beautifully... that much for my obsession with trees...

Oh, and then we discussed plans for a group exhibition in Spring, which would be fantastic, in particular with us exhibiting together. We'll discuss this early in the new year. Very good.



Lindsay said...

These, all three are very powerful works. Sometimes I see alot of disorgainzation with collage but yours hold together beautifully. You use color to guide the eye around. They have such presence!!!!! Thanks for your suggestion to use collage though, I doubt I could do this well with paper!

Gesa said...

Thank you so much, Lindsay! I think it's often more a matter of finding the technique(s) work best for one's own approach... and sticking on additional papers seems to do that for me just now :)