Sunday, 16 December 2007

Packing up...

... for Christmas travelling. While I'm very fond of travelling in general and the specific, it's this time of year I really don't like it. But I'm hopeful that by leaving not on 22nd or thereabouts but slightly earlier, and by not going on the most roundabout route with six changes from bus/train/flight, it should be ok.

For the first time, I've taken apart a painting to take with me. While I've taken apart plenty paintings because I didn't like them, I have the full intentions to put this back together on the other side. In fact, it's part of my tidying up and cleaning out attempt, and this has been promised to my brother for quite some time.

Actually, it was my first acrylic painting on canvas, done about one and half years ago, and one which wasn't undone shortly after. It's based on a scene near Newtown St Boswell's in the Scottish Borders where a friend of mine used to live for a couple of years.

Newtown St Boswells,
Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60cm



Gesa said...

Na, Torben: passt du auf?! Den Tacker werd ich auch nicht vergessen... bis ganz bald!

Yellow said...

Why are you taking it with you? Is it becase you love it and don't want to be parted from it, or is it a gift for someone?

Anonymous said...

The painting is a birthday/last christmas(?) gift for me!
Between all my movie posters I have a good place for this.
I visited Gesa only once 1,5 years ago, so she has to take it to me! :-)