Monday, 28 April 2008


... my sparse graphite in Moleskine sketches (and assorted others) to a new life as Flickr set and group identity.


Somewhere near Stranraer, Lessenings 7_5,
Graphite in Moleskine, 21x14cm

It was yellow Steph whose comment on one of my graphite redux got me thinking. So, I hunted in my various (not very well organised) online folders for various sketches - mostly landscapes, virtually all graphite or pencil, though I included a few watercolours, ink and neopastels. I called them lessenings - as lesser and lessons.... very clever, huh?! And here's a wee taster.

In fact, yesterday was warm and sunny and I went to the park with my sketchbook. I kind of figured it would be one of the last opportunities to sketch some bare trees before the leaves get going properly. So, while I did the below (amongst worse others), I realised that my summer park sketching would be: PEOPLE. They were everywhere, doing all sorts of things - and, better than at airports, they were chilled, relaxed and happy - makes an easier subject; which is all the better seeing that I'm not good at this. But I do have a while to work myself up for that task - and keep looking at other people's people sketches - such as Lindsay's or Mithi's. Or maybe that will just keep me from doing some of my own??

Victoria Park, Just - aka Lessenings 9_1
Graphite in Moleskine, 21x14cm


Lindsay said...

Gesa, thanks for the link!! And I love your idea of lessenings. They have a spar beauty.

Casey Klahn said...

Your Somewhere drawing is spot on!

Lindsay said...

gesa, I just checked into Shieels's landscape book and its wonderful! I've asked our local library to buy ie!

Yellow said...

Yeah, and Egon (we're on first name terms, don't yah know) did some amazing drawings of saplings which were so naked they reminded me of the council estates I lived in as a youngster. The earth was like dust, the trees they'd planted couldn't grow, everything smelled of car fumes (pre lead-free) and cigarette smoke.

Gesa said...

Spare beauty is a step up from fluffy beauty, isn't it ;)
Schiele's bare trees have been one of the early reference points - I love the way the bare trunks and branches intersect the linear(ish) background. There is something very Jugendstil/Art Deco about it but also truly haunting (and not at all playful). Which makes even more sense with your UK post-war housing scheme reference, Steph. Hadn't thought of that connection but yes!

littlemithi said...

Haha .... thanks for the link ... Do you know how difficult it was for me to get over that mental block and just go out and draw? I still get the nervousness-es when I get my sketchbook out, but that first hurdle is the worst ... after that its much more plain sailing. I've also been doing it at the college cafe - which is a lot less threatening as its an art college so there's always at least one other person with a sketch book out!

Gesa said...

:) - This is such a good suggestion: the college cafe; I think I'll need to find one like that! And I think cafes in general are probably a good starting point, rather than airports. Part of my inhibition also has to do with the my sense that ink/line drawing in general, but of people in particular, isn't really a strong point. But again: that's what practice is for, isn't it???