Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Moleskining - internationally and exchangingly

I've acquired not only a new Moleskine but also a new project. And not only that: a group project.
Yellow Steph had been bitten by the Moleskine exchange bug and so eight of us have now purchased a small concertina moleskine each which will be posted around the world. Well, not quite aroound the world but back and forth between the UK and the US; with each of us filling each book as we receive it with a few more pages. Eventually, each books ends up back with the original owner - filled with drawings, sketches, little paintings done by everyone else.

It sounds like excellent fun. I have gotten to really like the ideas of artist books, shared projects and the dynamics that brings with it. So, this is an excellent way of taking that further. Many, many thanks to Steph for organising and everyone else for being similarly excited.

We have set up a blog for the project at to chart, discuss and illustrate the travels of each of the books, so pop by to see what's going on. The blog also gives you the list of everyone involved, some nice maps and, also importantly: the themes each one is giving to their books.

I'd like to write a bit more about it, but it's late just now.

But have a link to the Flickr Moley_x group for some more background...


littlemithi said...

Good luck with the exchange Gesa, and thanks for recommending me ...

I've had to pull out as I just have too much on at the moment and I'm going to be overseas on and off over summer. Will be watching to see what I'm missing out on though ... ;)

Gesa said...

Hi Mithi, yes - it's looking as if it's going to be good fun and I'm sorry that you won't be part of it; but I definitely know the feeling of too many things on.
I've packed up mine yesterday, and am already having withdrawal symptoms: what IF it gets LOST before it'll come back to me????