Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sketchbook (re)formatting

Victoria Park 26 May
Graphite in Moleskine, 13x11cm

Our Moleskine exchange is firmly on its way, and I'm looking forward to getting the first one sent from David (David: have you started yet??). The sketchbooks we're all working in is the small pocket size Concertina one: it folds out to a glorious, continuous 2.70m (if my maths up to speed). That's far longer than any of my Found Paper Books, which just come up to 45cm; but there is something wonderful about a format that is so much wider than higher. It just doesn't seem to end. And with its folds, the next (or indeed previous) pages can be hidden, as if they didn't exist. Oh, so much fun on empty pages.

I had bought a small pocket size plain Moley in my attempt to sketch anywhere. So, I've been carrying it round with me and do indeed use it once in a while. But, it's awfy small, really. It's a one person per page kind of scenario. And while it lends itself well to some minimalist lines, it is just tiny.

Victoria Park 26 May
Graphite in Moleskine, 13x18cm

So: Plan B is already in Amazon's basket: a couple more Moley concertina books, same external dimensions, they will soon be like the Tardis: so much bigger inside than anyone would guess by looking at the inconspicous exterior.


Yellow said...

Gesa, you're right, the concertina books do enable you to hide what's gone before, or spread it out for all to see. Your roof from Victoria Park is fab. And your trees! I must try my hand at drawing 'essence of trees'. I managed to capture 'essence of cows' and I was so delighted.

Gesa said...

Cheers, Steph. I am happily participating in a bit of mutual appreciation society re trees here, as I enjoy yours, in particular the shadow shape branches, quite a lot too. I also noticed how I quite happily stretch myself to trees (and occasional people) now... that sketchbook does have its definite uses :)
I will look out for the coos' essence next time I'm at yours ... I'm not so sure about the essence - my academic mind throws a wobbly at that one, but it nonetheless resonates with 'something'...