Thursday, 25 September 2008

More of the same 'them'

... new colours, new shapes... slowly getting to grips with the different paper - one is blotting paper, one a Chinese paper.

The orange works very well, but I'm unconvinced by the purple - too muddy, really. Probably the napthol red to blame for that. I want a MAGENTA!

But in the meantime, Kari and Steph were getting close: it's organic and leafy. These are more of the same, and yet different...

Print Project 1.2 003
Masked positive monotype

Print Project 1.2
Ghostprint, 30x40cm

Print Project 1.2
Masked negative monotype

Next task: all of them on one sheet...


Kari Gibson said...

They are looking great. I like this last one, the dark sepia colour against the blue/grey of the paper is rather lovely.

Sycamore seeds? Chestnut hulls? Whatever they are they are lovely shapes in themselves, I feel.

Yellow said...

Yes, figs and leaves. Theres is definately a stem or branch, and a drooping leaf or fruit with something overlapping it, causing a negative space.

Gesa said...

This is all very good and not too far off... I was meaning to post the result from my 'tree', i.e. including the various different leaves on one sheet, but that didn't work out as planned and has to wait for a bit; no: it's not a fig tree, but one which - in theory - bears fruits, just not mine yet (and possibly wrong climate too); Kari: yes, the colour is a good one in its mutedness, but it was not what i was after - still, to remember as it does work.