Sunday, 14 September 2008

No - I hadn't forgotten

... about all the found papers. Only got sidetracked by too many other things.

Remember? In May I optimistically announced that anybody who had any papers to send to me should do so URGENTLY as I wanted to finish the books before mid-July.

[Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this post here, or the Found Papers Project tag for a overview]

Well... nothing happened despite my optimism. Well, that's not true: I did get a number more envelopes in the mail. When I was in Berlin, I picked up a rather adorable collection, and for a weekend, everyone kept passing any sort of found paper on to me. Thank you, again!

So, I put them all on my floor last weekend, to kind of get me back amongst them to see what to do with them. I had a few ideas kicking about before I had left in June. But... hm... nothing happened. There were all these papers and I didn't have a clue! A couple of hunches at best but definitely not enough to run with them.

Found papers

To get me at least slowly walking again, I've now uploaded the third book which is finished: well, cut apart, not strung together though. Compared with the two first ones, it's white and a bit sparse, but features some candle smoke, sand and some authentic dirt on the architect's plan.

I did a first trawl through what are somewhere in the region of 25 envelopes of different STUFF, and picked some bits and pieces from them. They are all kind of white too... maybe I'll stick with that non-colour for a bit...

Found Papers Book #3
Found Paper Project Book #3
Mixed media collage on board
45.5 x 9 cm, doublesided
[top row's the backside, bottom row the front]

Well, next weekend I can start walking faster, I reckon. Let's see where to.


littlemithi said...

Sometimes sparsity is good - its all about the negative space ;)

Gesa said...

Just my thinking, too, Mithi... :)

Lindsay said...

Beautiful book!

Gesa said...

Thanks, Lindsay! But I think I need to come up with a better way of representing them... maybe just leave out the backside or put them as two separate pieces... kind of upsets the collage integrity this way :)