Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy birthday, Anni!

For the past few days I've been watching my calendar moving towards 10 October. There are two dates I've remembered since forever: 21 April 1913 and 10 October 1915 - two of my grandparent's birthdays.

Well: today it's my granny's. And as a present, she gets a seascape in mixed media printmaking. She loved travelling - not only did she have plenty of wanderlust but indeed experienced curious and incurable Fernweh - far sickness. She clearly didn't suffer from it, it wasn't an illness but something far better and more delicious than that. On that count I'm glad I'm her granddaughter.

Happy birthday, Anni!

Print Project 1.4 Seascape
Monotype Für's Fernweh meiner Oma
25x20cm on Tosa Shi paper
Masking, backdrawing, strings, crinkles and other


vivien said...

lovely! full of movement

your grandmother will be delighted

I keep forgetting to say thank you for the lovely Hundertwasser card :>) I have the Taschen book on him - a fascinating character with some very original ideas.

hope the moleyX has arrived now

Anonymous said...

da hab ich gestern auch jedesmal dran denken müssen, als ich 10.10. getippt habe! :-)

und als Erbin des Reise-Gens: Wo gehts als nächstes hin?


Gesa said...

Cheers, Vivien - yes, the moley arrived a few days back; it came just a few days after I got your seascapes book. This was such a good idea to swap the order and me seeing some of your work irl - what's the media you've worked with?

You're very welcome to the Hundertwasser card - I thought you'd come across him before. For years I wasn't that keen on his work - it's a bit similar to Mackintosh in Glasgow: it tends to be everywhere, but recently I'm much more intrigued by him again.

Gesa said...

hihihi, bruederchen: da haett sie sich bestimmt drueber gefreut; komisch: 10/10 ist immer eines der tollen daten, dabei waren die familiengeburtstage immer eher anstrengend: gute schuhe, schlimme klamotten.

na, wollen wir mal gucken, ob jutti hier auch drueber stolpert? letztens zeigte ich ihr (per phon) wie sie ins archiv kommt, und 'einen kommentar in gesas blog hinterlassen' steht ja schon seit wochen auf ihrer to-do liste ;)

reiseziele: birmingham, london, berlin. dann vielleicht doch bokel fuer weihnachten? und als erbe des helms/schroederschen zuhause-bleib-gens: was fuer kabel werden als naechstes verlegt? ;)