Thursday, 2 October 2008

The sea... in print

... playtime ... nothing else:

Print Project 1.3
Monotype, 25x20cm
tinfoil texture and backdrawing

Print Project 1.3 021
Monotype, 25x20cm
tinfoil and backdrawing

Print Project 1.3
Monotype, 25x20cm
masks, backdrawing and ink splatters


Michael Reid said...

How did you make these marks then?
tinfoil with...?

Gesa said...

hi michael - just tin foil pressed onto the inked plate, then taken off, then paper printed - it works well once (see middle print), overlaying/redoing the tin foil bit isn't that successful (see first print).
but the red on the middle one is backdrawn.

Brian McGurgan said...

I like the color and texture of these prints, Gesa - very nice. And the avocado leaves are beautiful, too. It's fun to watch this progress!

Gesa said...

Hi Brian - it's fun making them, too :)
Most of the photos are poor though, i need to see if I can scan them in properly - at least for some of the finished ones; but i'm building up a nice 'library' of different textures/techniques and lucky accidents for future use.
That's really good.