Sunday, 11 January 2009

A blue line. Still, so still

Water reflections #2
Water reflections #2
Soft pastel on board, 35x25cm

A blue line
still so still
clear so clear
water mirror, speak to me
speak to me of the secrets
secrets you keep
so tight so close
in your red water
water so dark
water so still

Reflections. So present. So clear
to touch them to hold them
they drip through my fingers
nothing to hold nothing to have

They stand in line
upright. tall. tight

Look close
bark peels and breaks
a crooked trunk
a broken branch

How kindly though
they all reflect in water

The slightest blur
and all that is crooked
turns to beauty

Colours intersected by water
a surface so still that
it seems to reveal all there is

Look, can you not see?
All that there is
to marvel at

Clear lines long lines
a breeze lifts
barely to hear
it lets the lake move
it breaks the lines
hides the trees

And nothing remains.

blue brown purple blue sand


Casey Klahn said...

Unity, color, balance...ahhh. very great piece, Gesa.

How do you get this image so large? Is it your template?

Gesa said...

Thank you, Casey! I went a bit overboard with the sharpening tool on photoshop... it's a bit softer really.
Well - as for large image, I discover that if I grab the image off flickr (where I upload all my own paintings and photos) I can vary the size of the html code very simply. I haven't had a look at how it works if you upload through flickr and then just look at the html code of the blog, that may work just the same, as I suppose the size is fixed manually for each post?
But: bloggers post preview has the nasty habit of ignoring images not uploaded through flickr, so my new posts appear with the image... which is not nice...

Jala Pfaff said...

I hadn't seen this one. It's great!