Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Berlin.... is getting multi-dimensional

Yesterday, in Nearby Bakery no 5, I got it: wow... 'a little piece' - a Teilchen - full of sweet doughy pastry flavours that you remember, remember and remember. The best little piece for a long time, and their rolls work similar wonders. 'Welcome back, stranger', it shouted.

On a different sensory plane I am listening to the radio. Much of what I listen to in the UK, and then, inbetween, electronica. So much electronica. Wonderful dance music, like proper dance music - neither techno nor club but, again a memory brought to the present of nights danced 12, 15 years ago. Chiquitita mia - I know that you don't like electronica, but please, please, please: vaya bailar conmigo!

Hahaha, and talking about which: I signed up for a Spanish class, the tutor called me today, confused: you know so much and so little. What are all these basic mistakes about? Pick a class, any class... so I did (y Chiquitita.... I'm relieved that you didn't do the same test ;))

And lastly, I discovered some wonderful handmade canvasses, cheap and nearby, just need to get the easel that was offered to me from A to here. And then there's a project emerging: a video project at the Baltic Sea. How exciting - I'll be Best Girl, how's that for a new job description.

More as they unfold...
The little piece is already eaten, but music should do for tonight, not? Take these two... UK to Berlin, past to presence....

There's a lot in here about strangeness, distance, memory and familiarity...

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