Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The care home for clowns.

Berlin Day 14

"For most of the times, things were usually funny at the care home for clowns. The inhabitants had the habit of tripping up over their enormously large shoes, falling face down into those soft cream cakes that were lying about everywhere. Occasionally, there were visitors who, for a variety of reasons, could or would not keep their own clowns. They took their favourite clown out of the cage, let them make exalted jokes, and laughed when the clown made funny faces. Only the moment when the clowns were lead back to the cages and the visitors had to say goodbye to them with sadness, these moments were terrible. Then they would sit there, those sad clowns with tears in the corner of their eyes." (from the taz, a few days ago)


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Jala Pfaff said...

One thing I love about coming to visit your blog is that you NEVER know what you will find here! Wonderful, that.