Monday, 31 August 2009

Romantic interlude

... sometimes you're lucky...
.... and something happens you can't quite make up...

Like this one: A graffiti outside our house.

Remember rural romance? This is of the same ilk.

Subtlety in the countryside? Nope
Romance? Nope
Spellcheck? Nope

... it reminds me of whitsun weekends, when hordes of guys go around from girl to girl - over 14 (traditional age of consent) and not engaged. Nail a branch next to her window and if she doesn't open the window and invites them in, it gets tarred. - Need to consent? Hm... not strictly required.

So - will there be a weddedding? Looks as if my parents' tenant's serial girlfriend habit is raising a few eyebrows.

Thus, a subtle and friendly reminder...

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